Zest Craft Group

Zest craft group isn’t about crafting perfection, it’s about having a go, trying out ideas with an emphasis on enjoyment.

The Zest craft group is a welcoming, social group that supports its members to try out new crafts and skills. Craft is the reason to gather together, but the purpose of the group is to create and maintain connections, and friendships. The group seeks to promote inclusion and reduce isolation in a way that is positive and fun!

Craft Group usually meets once a week at the Zest Centre. Each week a different craft is tried, the new crafts are decided upon by the group as a whole. Most school holidays the group also runs craft workshops for local school children. Supporting the community, and keeping the joy of craft alive for all generations.

Craft group has continued (and grown) during the COVID-19 restrictions, moving into a virtual sphere. Connecting using Whatsapp and supporting each other through delivery of materials, the group has supported each other through these challenging times. Here is a video exhibiting some of their wonderful work!

For more information about Craft Group, including how you can join the group, please email ThisCommunityCan@zestcommunity.co.uk