Welcome Places

Stay warm and entertained

It’s new year and we’re still very much in the depths of winter, with the ever-increasing costs to heat homes having never been higher. Worrying times for everyone.

But there is a chink of light for people living in Upperthorpe and Netherthorpe. Why not pop in to Zest to keep warm, get fed and be thoroughly entertained whilst you’re at it.

Everyone is welcome!

Checkatrade recently estimated a boiler running on mains gas can cost as much as £2.50 per hour to heat a home. And the cost for those using electricity to heat their homes can be three times that.

Estimates vary wildly and much depends on your supplier and how you use energy but you could be easily saving around £10 per week by joining us at Zest for three hours a day twice a week.

Save money

And while it’s saving people money we also hope to be enriching lives too – helping people make new friends, exchange ideas and giving folks the opportunity to have some fun with members of the community.

The initiative was developed by Sheffield City Council and VAS to help people through the cost of living crisis by partnering with local community hubs to offer safe and secure Welcome Places. These are spaces where people are welcome to drop by their nearest centre and keep warm without feeling embarrassed.

To date there are 167 Welcome Places across Sheffield providing people with a comfortable and welcome space where they can feel at home without worrying about the cost of putting the heating on.

Click here to see the Sheffield Hubs and Welcome Places map.

Welcome Places

So how does it all work? Well different Welcome Places offer different things. At Zest,  everyone is invited to drop by for a chat and natter and something to eat.  Bring your friends, meet new ones and get involved in any of our actvities. Take advantage of our comfortable seating and free WiFi!


Sheffield’s Foodworks Netherthorpe who run the café at the Zest Centre will be on hand to provide delicious warm meals to everyone on both nights.

There’s free tea and coffee on limitless demand too.

So, turn down the heating for a few hours, save some money, drop in to Zest for some good old hospitality and have a good time.