Women-only session closures

We are the only pool in Sheffield that guarantee female lifeguards for all our women-only sessions. Because of the popularity of our women-only sessions, we require 2 lifeguards for each session.

Due to unforeseen circumstances of long-term sickness of some of our female staff and a general industry lack of female lifeguards we have been unable to put on the appropriate sessions to meet the needs of our customers and keep our promise of staffing with female-only lifeguards.

We are in the process of recruiting extra female lifeguards so we can open as normal in the next few weeks. However, the new staff need time to complete onsite training and safety checks before they can start working for us. This takes a little time, and we need to make sure that the safety of our customers comes first.

We will endeavour to run our women-only services in October including our Sunday sessions. As soon as we have the staffing in place we will inform all our customers.

We’re extremely sorry for these closures and any inconvenience it has caused. We wish to reassure customers that the situation is being addressed as a matter of urgency.